166 West 4th Street, NYC  •  212-675-1955

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About The Taco Shop

Born on the streets of Mexico City, The Taco Shop has brought the culinary and social taco experience to New York City. Our Post-Mexican cuisine combines the the traditional with an exploration of modern, global favors. Visit us for Brunch, Lunch, Tacos and more Tacos! Enjoy our tacos, tamales, accompaniments, organic margaritas, Jaritos and of course Mescal.


$14 Happy Hour
Enjoy 3 Tacos and 1 Margarita or Beer
Monday thru Friday
3pm to 7pm

Authentic Mexican Cuisine


Every dish is the product of hours of intensive culinary preparation. Gourmet enough to be called cuisine; funky enough to maintain its street cred.


Accolades & Press


We don’t like to brag - usually we let our food do the talking. But if our guests want to wax poetic about or food, well, it’s a free country, right?

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