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Focus On: Plátanos y Crema

One of the many amazing things about Mexican cuisine is its way of incorporating delicious ingredients into multiple unique creations and recipes. One ingredient that becomes the centerpiece of several dishes is the slightly starchy and slightly sweet plátano, or plantain. Why the platano you ask? Well, the platano is popular in many countries around the world where the plantain is sometimes a primary source of calories. It’s versatility makes it a great and substantial addition to a savory or sweet dish.

On the streets of Mexico City, a popular sugary treat is the fried maduros with sweetened cream; otherwise known as the "platanos con crema ". This is one of the deliciously decadent desserts that we serve at The Taco Shop! Mexican Cuisine takes advantage of of its local, delicious plantains by incorporating them into many other culinary creations including the ancestral Mole ( spicy chocolate sauce ). Who knew!?

The Platanos con crema are golden double fried, ripped plantains glazed with our own condensed milk. Making this dish the perfect portion of sweetness to complete a fabulous dining experience at The Taco Shop.

Be SURE to grab an order next time you’re at The Taco Shop, your tastebuds will thank you!

Delicious Treat!

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