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Focus On: Tortilla Soup

When the temperature starts to drop, what’s more cozy than a warm, flavorful and savory tortilla soup? Our tortilla soup truly warms the soul, and while there are many recipes out there for tortilla soup ours is tried and true and never fails as a crowd favorite. The ingredients are simple but the quality of each is bold. That’s what makes this tortilla soup, the best.

The taco Shop’s tortilla soup has a base of succulent chicken broth made from celery, carrots, onions, garlic, bay leaves and free range chicken. We then add in some tomatoes, a bit of rice and an aromatic epazote. To give it a little kick, we throw in a tasteful amount of chipotle peppers. Lastly, we top it with a proportionate amount of tortilla strips and it’s ready to be enjoyed!

PS: We suggest enjoying the soup while watching the 2001 classic, “Tortilla Soup”.. it’ll make for a perfectly cozy evening ;)

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