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Which Salsa Gets Your Hips Moving?

The Taco Shop Homemade Salsa

We all know The Taco Shop serves up 3 different kinds of homemade salsa, each of which perfectly compliment our tacos, but have you ever wondered which salsa perfectly compliments your dancing? We’re here to break it down for you (excuse the amazing pun)

Which kind of dancer are you? Based on your choice of salsa...

If you like the GREEN TOMATILLO SALSA: This salsa is notably the most popular. It has the tartness of tomatillos and the freshness of cilantro with just a touch of heat from a serrano peppers and garlic. It’s extremely versatile and can be enjoyed with any taco or mixed with any other hotter salsas as well.

Your dance of choice is the SALSA. You keep it original in nature, but just like the green tomatillo salsa,a delicious mixture of various ingredients, the salsa dance is a combination of different dance styles which i.

If you like the THREE CHILES SALSA: A mix of smoky, savory and spicy by mixing together guajillo, ancho and arbol peppers. It’s complex and delicious.

Your dance of choice is the BACHATA. You keep it sexy, smoky and steamy.

If you like the HABANERO SALSA. A fiery salsa made from the heat of organic habanero peppers with just a touch of garlic, onions and apple cider vinegar. A crowd favorite.

Your dance of choice is the CHA CHA. It’s intricate, sharp, flashy and hot hot HOT.

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