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Hey Lovers... Valentine’s Day Is Here

In honor of the month of love, or anti love, if that’s where you’re at (it’s ok we’ve been there too), we created TWO new incredible margaritas. They may be red and look all kinds of sugary sweet but they pack a punch (a good one of course).

First we have the RASPBERRY COCONUT MARGARITA. It’s a perfect pairing to any of our tacos. It has

fresh raspberry puree, coconut milk, premium tequila and a dash of agave nectar complete with a red salted rim.

Second is the CHOCO-FRESA MARGARITA. Yes that’s right, chocolate. Do not be alarmed - this margarita will have you singing love songs all night long. With strawberry puree mixed with a touch of bitter chocolate and rimmed with dark cocoa powder sugar… you’ll be in a lovers paradise all night long.

These margaritas are ONLY available during the month of February, so don’t miss your chance! Grab your friend, your SO or just your amazing self and come sip sip sip :)

See you soon!


The Taco Shop

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