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FALLing for Tacos: Cozy Up To Fall With This New Taco

When it comes to tacos, I think we can all agree that one of their best qualities is that they are delicious ALL YEAR LONG. But just as our new winter coats come and go sometimes it’s nice to look forward to something special with the changing of seasons, right? Well, we have a delicious fall taco that just might pique your fancy. Don’t worry, we’re not about to drop a pumpkin spice taco (we know what you’re thinking).

Introducing the Duck Confit Mole Taco!

To begin, here’s what you need to know about Mole:

Most think mole is synonymous with a chocolate sauce, but that’s not necessarily true! Mole is not a specific dish, or even an array of dishes with a traditional list of ingredients that can’t be modified. Huh? We know it’s complicated, so let us explain..

Mexican cuisine is hyper-local and so varied based on region and even individual towns, that the few items that are truly eaten nationwide must be extremely versatile, therefore Mole is more a concept than a dish.

The basic procedure for making a mole involves preparing many, sometimes dozens, of different ingredients separately and then combining them into a powder or paste before mixing with stock. Chiles are essential, but Mexico has hundreds of varieties of chile, and individual moles will use different combinations in order to achieve their perfect balance of flavors. Different combinations of nuts, fruits and an array of spices are also used added in to complete a Mole.

At The Taco Shop we create our own Mole, poblano style, with rich, dark chocolate and just the right amount of heat and sweetness. For the fall season we’re combining this tantalizing creation with tender duck confit topped with toasted sesame seeds to give you a warm and tasty meal.

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