The Ultimate Guide to Margarita & Taco Pairings

We’ve decided to provide you with the ultimate guide to enhance your next Taco Shop experience. Everyone knows that tacos and margaritas are the perfect duo, but which ones complement each other the best? We have the lowdown on the best margarita and taco pairings to bring your next meal to the next level. 1. The Baja Fish Taco with our original organic margaritaThe savory batter coating the fresh fish and chipotle slaw topping is a perfect complement to our refreshing organic margarita. 2. Chorizo & Cochinita Pibil Taco with a tamarind frozen margaritaOur flavor-packed spicy chorizo brings your taste buds to life with the tamarind puree in our tamarind frozen margarita. 3. Chicken Tinga Tac

Sides, Sides, Sides!

One of the best parts about Mexican cuisine is the sabor, or flavor. The flavor doesn’t just stop with our main dishes; it’s carried all the way through to each of our sides as well. Sometimes sides don’t get as much love as they should, so we decided to highlight some of our faves. Platanos y Crema: One of our most popular sides geared towards your sweet tooth. What makes our platanos y crema irresistable is our sweetened cream. The platanos con crema are double fried to a golden crisp, glazed with our own condensed milk. Although our platanos y crema are sweet, they can be paired with any dish on our menu to make it complete. Platanos are used in many dishes in the Mexican cuisine, includ

Make A Reservation at The Taco Shop!

Here at The Taco Shop, we take pride in our cozy atmosphere, warm environment and superb service. You’ll never regret your time with us. So go ahead and make a reservation! Date night coming up? We have a cozy booth for you. Group dinner? We have a communal table for the crew. Stay warm by spending the winter with us. Bring your friends, bring your family or just bring yourself :) Whether you’re joining us for a dinner, lunch or a small party (yes, we love to host parties) we are happy to have you. But remember, our space is small (and cozy of course) so dates and times fill up quickly. We urge you to make your reservations NOW! It’s simple - make your reservation online by clicking HERE.

New Year, New Taco!

It’s a new year! 2018 is going to be incredible, we can feel it. Especially because we are introducing a NEW TACO!! The Al Pastor taco. Now, there are many stories around the evolution of the Al Pastor taco. The most famous story dates all the way back to the 1930's when a Lebanese immigrant family introduced their classic shawarma, roasted lamb, iconically cooked on a trompo, an upright grill, served on a flour tortilla or pita bread to the puebla city. This creation became known as tacos árabes. The tacos árabes is typically made with lamb and then seasoned with salt and pepper. At The Taco Shop, we have a similar dish but made with pork. It is still cooked on the signature trompo, season

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