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The Ultimate Guide to Margarita & Taco Pairings

We’ve decided to provide you with the ultimate guide to enhance your next Taco Shop experience. Everyone knows that tacos and margaritas are the perfect duo, but which ones complement each other the best? We have the lowdown on the best margarita and taco pairings to bring your next meal to the next level.

1. The Baja Fish Taco with our original organic margaritaThe savory batter coating the fresh fish and chipotle slaw topping is a perfect complement to our refreshing organic margarita.

2. Chorizo & Cochinita Pibil Taco with a tamarind frozen margaritaOur flavor-packed spicy chorizo brings your taste buds to life with the tamarind puree in our tamarind frozen margarita.

3. Chicken Tinga Taco with a mango margarita The unique combination of flavors including smoky chipotle, oregano, and thyme with a sweet touch of molasses are brought out by the fruity sweetness of the mango margarita. You MUST try one of these combos out for yourself!

See you soon!

Margarita Pairing at the Taco Shop NYC

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