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Spring is in the Air!

Spring is coming, we feel it! And hello, anyone remember that 70 degree weather last week?

All to say, it’s time and we’re ready. Nothing screams spring more than a refreshing ceviche, and ours is truly the best around.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our food, and it is especially obvious in our ceviche. Our fresh fish marinated in citrus juices is the perfect mix of light and refreshing but with hearty touches of ingredients.

We use line caught, fresh, clean and organic Mahi Mahi. The freshness, quality and texture of the fish allows us to use it nearly raw and simply marinate it with our unique marinade.

Speaking of our unique marinade, it is not only a mixture of lime juices but also fresh julienne bell peppers, Rocoto pepper, cilantro and avocado.Making for the perfect balance of flavors next to the fresh Mahi Mahi.

We suggest pairing with some warm tortilla chips for a perfect light meal or appetizer. Spring, here we come!

See you soon!

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