A Taco Trio to Die For

Want to know our favorite trio? A taco trio ;) As you know, the perfect meal at the Taco Shop include 3 tacos and a margarita (for only $14 dollars!), but do you ever have trouble choosing which tacos? Worry no more - we have the perfect pairing (very fall inspired) that is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. 1. The Brussels Sprouts Taco - This taco takes center stage with braised Brussels sprouts as the main ingredient flanked by farmers’ cheese and pickled onions (is your mouth watering yet?) 2. The Butternut Squash Taco - We all know it’s the season for roasted veggies! This taco wraps a warm corn tortilla around slow roasted, in season butternut squash, grilled baby cactus and red cabbage

Tacos for Lunch!

You know what’s a great idea? Tacos for lunch! You’re probably wondering why you didn't think of that first… it’s ok. That’s why we’ve created a new special JUST for your lunch time feast. What is it you ask? … 2 tacos & 1 side for only $10! Lunch is officially handled. You can drop by to get your tacos to go, OR you can TEXT AHEAD! We’ll have your tacos ready to go when you arrive. Simply text 📲 917- 924-8605 📲

Butternut Squash Taco

‘Tis the season for roasted vegetables, savory flavors and cozy gatherings. All of which is why we’re excited to introduce our new butternut squash taco! Continually crafting unique tacos with a mix of authentic Mexican flavors and modern, global flavors is what keeps us a step above the rest. This new creation is sure to keep you feeling warm and cozy inside ;) For this taco, we’ve wrapped a warm corn tortilla around slow roasted, in season butternut squash, grilled baby cactus and red cabbage to create the perfect mix of flavors. Topped only with cilantro and onions, this taco is completely vegan, but never lacking in flavor. Try pairing with a smoky mezcal cocktail to make for an all

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