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New Year, New Taco!

It’s a new year! 2018 is going to be incredible, we can feel it. Especially because we are introducing a NEW TACO!! The Al Pastor taco.

Tacos al Pastor

Now, there are many stories around the evolution of the Al Pastor taco. The most famous story dates all the way back to the 1930's when a Lebanese immigrant family introduced their classic shawarma, roasted lamb, iconically cooked on a trompo, an upright grill, served on a flour tortilla or pita bread to the puebla city. This creation became known as tacos árabes.

The tacos árabes is typically made with lamb and then seasoned with salt and pepper. At The Taco Shop, we have a similar dish but made with pork. It is still cooked on the signature trompo, seasoned with salt, pepper and specifically, our signature marinade. This is the Al Pastor taco.

We start by slicing the pork into very thin cutlets, drizzle on our marinating paste which is made of the traditional ingredients: garlic, dry chile, achiote and our own special twist.

We let the meat marinate for several hours, letting all of the flavors absorb. Then, we roast it! One very important part to remember is that we always top the grill with a fresh pineapple. The slow cooker will shower the crispy meat with a layer of sweet glaze from the pineapple juice.

Lastly, we add the final touch... a pinch of cilantro, a few onions and of course our homemade spicy salsa.

How can you say no that!? Hurry in to The Taco Shop and try it for yourself.

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