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Just Don't Eat the Husk...

Yeah, we’re talking about tamales! Those corn husks may be biodegradable but we don’t suggest biting into them ;) Speaking of tamales, can we discuss our meltinyourmouth Pork Tamale for a minute? Tamales have been a part of Mexico’s culture for nearly FOREVER, and their popularity spread to other Latin American countries, and eventually the good ole US of A. The main tamale ingredients can be very similar, but the fillings, preparation and even the cooking methods differ from region to region. The Taco Shop’s Pork Tamale is inspired by Mexico City, which gives it it’s authenticity. The preparation process is done entirely in house, using all fresh ingredients. To start, we massage the meat with a dry rub, and then roast it until it’s perfectly tender. Next is the masa. To best assemble the masa, we use a corn husk (NOT EDIBLE) and then steam the husks. It’s important to note that steaming the tamale correctly is crucial. Here at The Taco Shop we have a master chef, Fabian Pluma, who does this brilliantly. To top it all off, we add a touch of our flavorful green tomatillo salsa and buen provecho!! Come by The Taco Shop and grab yours today!

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