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A Focus On: The Steak Taco

The steak taco, a delectable combination of hearty ingredients and savory flavors. The Taco Shop’s steak taco is like none other, for several reasons. First, we prepare our special rub with a perfect mix of garlic, paprika, black pepper, avocado leaves, oregano and of course a couple of secret ingredients.

Second, we take our tender skirt steak, coat it in our rub and cook to order to medium. This ensures it stays juicy and flavorful. Lastly, our steak tacos are made with attention to detail and crafted with the utmost care. Not to mention they are light enough that you can have several but hearty, so you don’t feel heavy!

The steak taco pairs perfectly with our cotija covered corn, any of our 3 homemade salsas and a smoky mezcal margarita.

Drooling yet? Suddenly have a strong craving for steak tacos? That tends to happen.. come on by!

Steak Taco at The Taco Shop NYC

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