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Avocado Meetings

When you’re serious about your avocados, you have avocado meetings. And that’s exactly what we do at The Taco Shop! We make sure to to bring in tons of avocado options, and our skilled team of avocado-tasters pick the best of the best for our customers! We all know by now that avocados are good for us, being that they are rich in vitamins, healthy fats and fiber, but they are also a pivotal part of our menu here at The Taco Shop. A key ingredient topping our tacos and making our guacamole the freshest around. So here are a couple tips from the experts here at The Taco Shop to keep you in the know about all things avocado. ●The best avocados come from Central Mexico. Yep! Not California, and not Florida. Central Mexico produces the best avocados because the area is less affected by the expansive sprawl of commercial agriculture. ●Don’t force the ripening of your avocados. Placing avocados in a bag or in a cabinet will speed up the ripening process, but you will sacrifice freshness. Store your avocados at room temperature and let them sit for 4 to 5 days allowing them to ripen on their own time. Patience is key! ●Do not squeeze your avocados! Everyone loves to do the squeeze test when trying to determine ripeness, but all you’re doing is causing some major bruising. Instead, peek under the short stem or cap at the top. If it comes off easily and you see green underneath, then you have an avocado that is ready to be enjoyed!

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