The Chocolate Tamale

Tantalizing, heavenly, rich, sensational… just a couple of the words we’ve heard from customers after biting into our Chocolate Tamale.

What makes this perfectly sized portion of decadence so much better than any other chocolate dessert you might ask? Well firstly, it’s a creation by famed Chicago-based chef, Dudley Nieto, who has brought his Mexican palate and French technique to kitchens all over the United States, including The Taco Shop. The mix of bittersweet Mexican chocolate and cornmeal create the lush, melt in your mouth, texture that elicits a sigh from everyone who tries it. This also means it’s gluten free ;) The added scoop of vanilla ice cream plays an essential role, as it balances the bitterness of the chocolate and gives a touch of sweetness, making it an absolute delight.

Our Chocolate Tamale is the perfect way to end a meal of authentic, flavorful tacos and mezcal margaritas. Quality from beginning to end.

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