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It's Tortilla Time!

What is a taco without a tortilla? Um.. naked. So needless to say, tortillas are extremely important, and just as we take great care with what goes inside our tacos, what holds them together is equally as crucial. Here’s how we keep tradition alive through our tortillas.

  • We use 100% corn tortillas. This is the traditional way of Mexican tacos, keeping the tradition alive of when our grandmothers would purchase corn from the local market, come home to boil and then grind it to make their masa and tortillas.

  • All of our tortillas are organic and GMO free. Also, 100% corn tortillas means gluten free as well. Nearly everything on our menu is gluten free (yes, even the chocolate tamale dessert).

  • We make around 700 tacos a day! We’ve had a lot of practice.

  • We only use one tortilla per taco as to not overpower the meat and/or veggies. We’ve found it to be the perfect balance (and slightly less calories).

We strive for authenticity in everything we do, so you can have the traditional Mexican experience.. and you shouldn’t expect anything less.

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