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Brunch With Us On New Year’s Day!

You heard that correctly. We are offering our fabulous, bottomless brunch on New Year’s Day! You may be thinking, but Taco Shop, it’s a Monday? And to that we say - don’t question it, just join us!

Spirits are high on New Year’s Day with excitement for the new year to come and positivity surrounding new resolutions, and we too echo those sentiments. That is why we celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with a late start to the morning, a never ending supply of tacos and a bottomless pitcher of margaritas… nothing is better than that.

Grab your friends and family, make a rezi and enjoy your New Year’s Day with The Taco Shop.

Brunch Special: $20 unlimited margaritas & $16 unlimited menu items

Hours: 11am-3:30pm

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